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Posted by 2017-09-13 14:56:46 12 Comments SY205 WE826 LM321 L100 cpe902 MF901 mf903 MF905   KF-4603 u906 CPE70R  U907G U909 U904 cpe800 AP20 CPE810 cpe812 CPE80R d921 cpe813 U902 


    2020/02/21 05:20:57

    got my extender but I can't get it to connect to internet any suggestions?

    2020/01/30 23:41:04

    hola no puedo ver el video de configuracion o algun manual en español del producto Equipo 2,2,4 GHz 300mbps punto-punto de conexión inalámbrica con RJ45,fuera de la Sala de vigilancia de Seguridad

    2018/12/08 18:44:28

    Hey please I bought a $36 CPE150 product from your company and its useless because it's not configurable the manual is useless your communication with customer is poor and I'm regretting buy your product.

    2018/11/02 06:01:39

    Hello how do you install the linux debian drivers for the 1200 mbps wireless dyal band adapter? Thanks David

    2018/10/23 07:30:20

    Ok. Finally got battery in and SIM card in. Unit lights up. But there is no password. It says it is on sticker on box but that is the serial number. The admin password is to go on the web. Please email me the password

    2018/10/23 06:42:40

    I too have a 4g lte pocket WiFi. The instruction drawings are worthless. Please email me better instructions

    2018/09/27 14:40:22

    i need a driver for 2.4G WiFi 150Mbps Long Distance Wifi Adapter High Power Outdoor Wireless USB Wifi Adapter Desktop Wifi Receiver With 5m Cable. OS Windows 10. Installed on the HP 255 G6 laptop
    • admin:

      2018/10/08 11:28:30

      hifriend please download from website Official download firmware URL:

    2018/08/25 00:14:46

    please can u help me to configure set my lte router ?? i'm from Italy and i cant connect in internet tnx
    • admin:

      2018/09/26 10:29:56

      hi friend could you tell me sim card you use ? and do you have update APN ?

    2018/08/13 21:39:35

    I can not enter the settings of the 4g router. enter writes err_connecting_refused
  • Geovani Nola Gulaga:

    2018/08/03 16:32:44

    hi can u help me figure out my cpe70r?

    2018/05/10 21:20:53

    On my KuWFi 450M Dual Band Wireless Network Usb Adapter +Bluetooth 4.0 Receiver Wireless Usb Network Card Wifi Dongle, I have an error code 38 showing on my Microsoft Bluetooth enumerator. Could you help me with advice on how to rectify this please. Thanks - Ray Harris

    2018/05/10 07:57:17

    HOW DO you get this router started, the instruction manual is a piece of crap. How do you put the SON CARD and SD CARD in properly, the drawing is a joke.

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